Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Potato Digger's Creed

"Give me this day my daily potatoes to mash.  Let me be the best potato digger possible.  Let me help other diggers find potatoes and in return I will be a more successful potato digger and have all the mashed potatoes I need for a good life!"

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-- by Tim Northburg AKA The Darth Writer

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Is A Good Memory Of Your Father?

Father's Day is tomorrow.  I got to thinking about some of the good times I had with my father over the years. (I hope to have many more.)


What is a good memory of something you did with your father?


"I remember going camping.  My dad worked for HP and he was able to reserve a cabin at Hermit Park near Estes Park or we would use the giant tent he had.  We would pack up the top of burnt orange Mazda GLC wagon and cram into the car and go up to the mountains for the weekend.  I remember the campfires, the cold nights, and the great hikes. It was some good times."

(Please share what you remember doing with your father.)

-- by Tim Northburg AKA The Darth Writer