Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Free e-Book: Decide On It!

Author Tim Northburg is promoting his book Decide On It! with a FREE Kindle e-Book download from Tuesday July 21, 2015 through Saturday July 25, 2015

(You do not need to have a Kindle to download. Just download the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad from the iTunes store or on your android smart phone or tablet from the Play Store.  Download your free e-Book and read it.)

"I wrote this pocket guidebook as I outlined the areas of my life I wanted to focus on. I broke my life down to eight core units of focus. Then, at the beginning of every year, I decide on the things in each area that are important to me and I set goals for myself in each area. I want to share this book with those that want to dive into each area and to examine what is important to them in their lives and specifically define it. Please enjoy."

--Tim Northburg

Decide On It!

It . . . is anything you want or desire and is found in these eight core areas of your life: Mind, Body, Money, Work, Social Life, Relationships, Belief, and Family. What is it you want? This pocket guidebook will help you figure out what you want in your life. You must clearly define what it is you want before you can start working towards it. Once you figure it out—you can realize it!

-- by Tim Northburg AKA The Darth Writer


  1. Congratulations on getting another book out, Tim.

    1. Pat. Thank you very much. I've been busy in the last year working on various books. I hope to see you and some of the other NCW writers soon. TIm.