Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Free e-Book: Realize It!

Author Tim Northburg is promoting his book Realize It! with a FREE Kindle e-Book download from Tuesday July 21, 2015 through Saturday July 25, 2015

(You do not need to have a Kindle to download. Just download the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad from the iTunes store or on your android smart phone or tablet from the Play Store.  Download your free e-Book and read it.)

"I wrote this pocket guidebook to pass on a profound lesson I learned in High School swimming about reaching for your goals and realizing them. From an early age I learned the challenges and pitfalls of realizing your goals in life. I also learned how to keep going in the face of adversity, regardless of the challenges. First, you must decide on your goals and then ask yourself the question:  How Bad Do You Want It?  If you want it "Bad Enough" you will work relentlessly to Realize It! I hope this book will help those who strive to reach their goals realize them. Please enjoy."

--Tim Northburg

Realize It!

What is "it" in life? It is anything you want but don't have. It, is also the things you have and want to keep. This pocket guidebook will help you work on getting, and keeping, what you want in life. First, you must ask yourself, "How bad do I want it?" Then, you have to determine how you are going to work towards getting it. Once you know how to conquer your fears, break through barriers, and overcome obstacles you will realize it!

-- by Tim Northburg AKA The Darth Writer

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